About us

How we started...


To many people, Woking is a commuter town set in Surrey’s stockbroker belt. Few realise that it also has the largest and most varied ethnic population in the county and a large percentage of this population lives in one ward – Canalside (formerly Central and Maybury). This area of Woking surrounds the town centre.

In 1987, the Central and Maybury Community Association (CAMCA) was formed to campaign for a community centre. A survey of residents’ needs clearly showed that the local population wanted a focal point for community activities. Woking Community Relations Forum as well as the local borough council, health, education, social services, police and other statutory/voluntary services, gave further support to the campaign.


In 1988, Woking Borough Council formally recognised the need for a community centre and applied to purchase the property which was formerly Maybury Infant School. However, the acquisition of the site was considerably protracted and it was only in 1993 that the final legal hurdles were overcome and work could begin on the conversion. 

The Maybury Centre was officially opened by Sir Trevor McDonald, OBE on 28th September 1994. The Centre currently has on average 20,000 visitors each quarter.


What we do

The overall purpose of The Maybury Centre is to provide facilities for education, health, welfare, advice, social, business and recreation to the Borough of Woking.







The Maybury Centre is managed by The Maybury Centre Trust, an independent voluntary body and registered charity set up to promote understanding of the various cultures that make up the population of Woking and to share and celebrate those cultures for the benefits of all. The trust is a board of trustees and they are responsible for all aspects of the management and development of The Maybury Centre.


Listed below are the current trustees of

The Maybury Centre Trust:

Riasat Khan


Roy Turner


Christine Scott


Refeia Zaman

Woking Borough Council representative

Raja Sagheer Hussain

Nuweed Razaq

Syed Naqvi

Beryl Hunwicks

Tahir Aziz

Woking Borough Council councillor

Peter Graves

Woking Borough Council councillor