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"We have enjoyed 20 golden years at The Maybury Centre. The Staff have always been most helpful in providing a clean, warm and quiet environment. The same yoga students who started with me in 1994 are still with me today, and though senior citizens now, we hope to continue for many years to come and enjoy the ideal facilities."

Riny van Akkeren - Yoga Teacher

"The Maybury Centre is really good for helping people like me learning and achieving the goal of speaking, reading and writing English. I am really happy with my class fellows, teacher and her assistants. We easily mix up with each other in class." 

Noshin Tahir - Woking College Student

"The Maybury Centre is the epitome of diversity. It's like the whole world in one building all working in harmony. Truly inspirational. I have many great memories and hopefully more to come."

Monica Heather - The Woking Project


"We have been coming here since 2005. The Maybury Centre is well organised and the staff are friendly and helpful. The location is convenient for our members and there is adequate parking. We also greatly appreciate that the tables and chairs are put out ready for us and we don't have to do the washing up!"

Carol Stanley - Woking Scrabble Club

"I come to The Maybury Centre because I take English classes here. I think The Maybury Centre is a good place, people are nice and friendly and it is clean, good classroom, good teachers and good place to study."

Thitima Baker - Guildford College Student

"I came here (from the Cranstock Centre) to set up a community based project for adults with learning disabilities. The Maybury Centre is always a friendly and warm environment. Being close to Woking town centre enables us to access our local community with ease. We are always made to feel welcome by other groups using the centre and the staff are always supportive offering encouragement to the people who access our project. We have gone from strength to strength."

Donna Kerr - The Woking Project

"We have been using The Maybury Centre for 18 years now. It is very useful for all the communities living in Woking and outside. This Centre is a safe place for every kind of use."

Haji Mushtaq Ahmed - Neighbourhood Advice Centre

"I introduced my Mum to the Art Group. I joined the International Group. I enjoy getting to know people from different backgrounds. It makes me feel part of a special group and community."

Sarita Talwar - The Schoolhouse Project

"I was present when Sir Trevor McDonald opened The Maybury Centre. I came to lots of parties, English and Asian celebrations. I also joined a yoga class for a long time and computer classes helped me a lot. Now I like coming to the International Club, which I joined a few years ago. Everybody is very nice and helpful. Well done!"

Mrs Brigitte Butt - Various!

"The Maybury Centre is a very pleasant place to work. Staff are always friendly and helpful. They make our students - from many different parts of the world - feel welcome and make my life as a teacher easier by arranging the room as I like it before my lessons."

Kirsty Angus - Woking College

"The Maybury Centre has always held a warm welcome for everyone. I was able to take my children to work and they grew up coming here, making friends from different backgrounds and cultures. It is an inspirational place to work because it is there for people and takes no regard of position, status or background, fame or none. The Maybury Centre shows the best of Woking and the contacts and friends I have made there have been supportive in helping me start a community project, as had the organisation itself. There may be one building but its spirit spreads as a positive beacon for the whole town. The most inspirational people started it and it still remains as a fitting testament to them."

Elaine McGinty - WCRF, Crèche, Friendship Groups...

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