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Shafiq Hall 2

Shafiq Hall 2 offers an environment for meetings; conferences; teaching; aerobics, dance or yoga classes; get togethers; wedding functions; and much more.

This hall measures approximately 10.5 metres by 6.5 metres, which can accommodate up to around

50 people.

It also has sliding doors between The Lounge, which can be opened up for you upon request, offering increased space of approximately 19.5 metres by 6.5 metres that is suitable for larger conferences or functions and can accommodate up to around 100 people.

Tables and/or chairs can be set up by our staff in the layout that you request, before your arrival, for no extra charge.

Additional facilities such as audio-visual equipment and catering may be requested when booking.


The hire charges for Shafiq Hall 2 (part) start from £12.50 per hour and the hire charges for Shafiq Hall 2 + The Lounge (whole) start from £13.50 per hour. Please see Our Rates page for full hire rates.


A Founder's Memory...

"Before The Maybury Centre existed, local community groups and associations would meet up for their respective activities and meetings at random places around Woking. There was no real sense of communities coming together. What was lacking in Woking was a central place where everyone could meet up, not just for their own organisations, but somewhere where they could feel part of a bigger Woking community. 

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