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Venue Hire

The Maybury Centre is a conveniently located venue, at the heart of Woking in Surrey. It is just a short walk from Woking Town Centre and Woking Railway Station.


The Centre is ideal for meetings (from one-on-one to larger conferences), training sessions, parties, wedding functions, yoga, dance, and so much more.

Halls and rooms

We have plenty of options for you to choose from at the Centre, from more intimate rooms to larger halls catering for 100+ people. You are welcome to visit us to have a look around.


Joan Robinson Hall 1

from £13.50 per hour
17.5 metres x 6.5 metres

Shafiq Hall 2

from £12.50 per hour
10.5 metres x 6.5 metres

The Lounge

from £12.50 per hour
9.0 metres x 6.5 metres

The Creche

from £12.50 per hour
9.5 metres x 5.5 metres

The Classroom

from £12.00 per hour
7.0 metres x 6.0 metres

The Meeting Room

from £12.00 per hour
6.5 metres x 5.5 metres

Room 6

from £9.50 per hour
3.0 metres x 3.0 metres

Room 8

from £8.00 per hour
3.0 metres x 2.0 metres

Please note that measurements stated are of approximate total floor area.

Shafiq Hall 2 + The Lounge

Shafiq Hall 2 can be combined with The Lounge to form an increased space of around 19.5 metres by 6.5 metres. 


Hire charges for Shafiq Hall 2 - whole start from £13.50 per hour. Please see Our Rates page for full hire rates.

Office space

We also have additional office space available to hire. Please contact us for more information.


We have a commercial kitchen available to hire from £17.00 per hour. Please contact us for more information.

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