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 Please contact the group to confirm. The Maybury Centre cannot be held responsible for any changes. 

Woking College

English Classes for Adults with English as a Second Language.

Time: Various days/times, Monday to Friday term time only.

Cost: Costs applicable, see website for details.

Contact: 01483 761036 or rachel.simpson@woking.ac.uk.

Website: Look on www.woking.ac.uk/courses/adult-education for enrolment dates and more information.

Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum

We have weekly English language classes and monthly coffee mornings for Gurkha veterans and their families.

Time: Thursdays 10.00am–12.00noon - completely free classes

Contact: 01483 447142 or sulochnac@smef.org.uk

Website: www.smef.org.uk

Newson Academy of Speech & Drama

Speech & Drama/LAMDA/Public Speaking group classes and private lessons from 4 years to Adults. Builds communication skills, builds self-confidence, helps reading levels, Improves social skills. Qualified Teacher - 1:8 pupil ratio group classes & 1 to 1 lessons.


Time: Wednesdays 4.30 to 5.30pm 4 to 7 year olds and 5.30 to 6.30pm 8 to 11 year olds. Thursdays 4.30–8.30pm, different times for age groups.

Contact: Joanne on 01932 403421 or joanne.newson@ntlworld.com

Website: www.newsonacademy.co.uk

Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement (WCCRM)

Time: Bible Study Thursdays 7.00pm–9.00pm, Sunday Service Light 9.30am–1.00pm, Tuesdays Charismatic Hour 7.00pm–8.00pm.

Contact: Pastor John Akalonu on 07404933754

Website: www.wccrm-europe.org




Catalyst works in a number of ways to alleviate the damage to and promote the health of people affected by drug and alcohol problems, and with wellbeing issues such as depression, stress and anxiety. Providing one-to-one counselling and group support.


Contact: 01483 590150 or email info@catalystsupport.org.uk

Website: http://www.catalystsupport.org.uk

Woking Scrabble Club

A very friendly club to encourage people to enjoy the game of scrabble, whilst at the same time raising the standard of play.


Time: Mondays 1.30pm–4.30pm

Cost: £2.00

Contact: Carol Stanley on 01932 347931 for more information

GKR Karate

Karate Class for children and adults in a safe environment. Builds confidence, gain self-respect, learn self-defence and improve fitness.


Time: Mondays 6.30pm – 7.30pm & Fridays 6.30pm – 9.30pm

Cost: £8.00 per class

Contact:  Asmat Nadiry on 07769174931 or anadiry@gkrkarate.com

Website: www.gkrkarate.com

Licensed Tutors

Tuition Centre and Personal Tutoring Service in Woking. Qualified Teachers - 1:4 pupil ratio.

Time: Saturdays 1.00–5.00pm ~ Tuesdays 6.00–8.00pm

Cost: £12.50 per hour

Contact: 07982816354 or info@licensedtutors.co.uk

Website: www.licensedtutors.co.uk

Knaphill & St Johns Operatic Group

Rehearsals for production of operatic works, held in the Rhoda McGaw Theatre in March each year. Always interested to hear from anyone who loves singing or working backstage.

Time: Mondays & Thursdays 8.00–10.00pm - September to March.

Contact: Brian on 01483 473657 or briandowding90@gmail.com

Website: www.kasjog.org.uk


RCCG Dominion Way

Bible and Prayer Group

Time: Sundays 12.00–2.00pm

Contact: Pastor Daniel on rccgdominionway@gmail.com

The Counselling Partnership

Provide one-to-one confidential counselling.


Time: Monday to Friday mornings

Contact: Vanessa Wright on 01932 244070 or email nsccp@thecounsellingpartnership.org

Website: www.thecounsellingpartnership.or​g

New Buddha Way

Weekly community sessions consisting of guided meditation and mindfulness followed by teaching and discussion.


Time: Wednesdays 7.30pm–9.30pm

Cost: All sessions are free, although donations are accepted

Contact: Geoff on 07741281820, email info@newbuddhaway.org

Website: www.newbuddhaway.org


Contact: Bea Somer for more information on 07941220815 or email beasomer@googlemail.com

Website: www.corevalueservices.co.uk

The Schoolhouse Project

Drop-in Centre for the over 50's - all welcome


Contact: The Maybury Centre on 01483 776877

Website: www.mayburycentre.co.uk/schoolhouse

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